The first networking app powered by artificial intelligence for business matchmaking

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The MeetMatch algorithm is the only in-depth business matchmaking system in the world. It can:

  • Find ideal business partners among a group of people.
  • Find ideal partner companies.
  • Find companies with core businesses related to a search term

You will be amazed by it’s power! We will be happy to discuss with you the integration of MeetMatch into your system.

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A wide range of event formats

Our highly customisable algortihm allows for a plethora of unique event formats:

Business networking for win-win relationships

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This is the default configuration, aimed towards long-term, meaningful relationships. We avoid matching people based on short-term problems and direct sales, as these are typically irrelevant beyond short-term interaction.

Problem-tackling events

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As an organization, you might like to organize an event where people can help each other to solve their problems-at-hand. Participants submit their questions
before hand. MeetMatch the shows these questions and intelligently ranks the responses from most to least relevant to you.

Innovation brainstorms

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Let the ideas flow freely during meeting sessions geared towards creativity and innovation. Contact us for more info.

Buyer-Seller events

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Matches based on a plausible buyer-seller relationship, where one party could potentially sell a product or service to the other.
Includesbuilt-in, customisable protections for potential buyers (to avoid overly eager sales tactics) By default:

  • Our algorithm will only match participants with potential sellers for max. 50% of results. OR
  • you can have sellers pay more to attend the event than the buyers

In-company teambuilding

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You’ve heard this one: “There is too little communication between the silo’s within our company”. MeetMatch tackles this problem by matching people from
different departments with complementary skillsets. Typically, a small given team assignment is the core of the se meetings.

Job matching events

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You will never experience a more efficient job matching event! MeetMatch screens profiles and matches them to relevant job openings intelligently & efficiently.

Any combination of the above

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MeetMatch can go far beyond the formats described above. We will happily combine formats or construct a custom format answering to your unique style and
requirements. Meet and Match, the way you want it.