The first networking app based on artificial intelligence for business matchmaking

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The MeetMatch algorithm is the only thorough business matchmaking algorithm in the world. It can e.g.:

  • Find ideal business partners among a group of people
  • Find ideal partner companies
  • Find companies that have a core business close to a given word

You will be amazed by it’s power! We will be happy to discuss with you the integration in your system.

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Different event formats

Through different configuration of the algorithm, we can support different event formats:

Business networking for win-win relationships

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This is the default configuration. We avoid to match people on short term problems, because this is typically irrelevant for longer term relationships. We also avoid to match people to sell to each other, because experience shows that people don’t appreciate to go to events where they are mainly the target of “aggressive” sales people. Instead, participants are matched if they can be meaningful to each other in the long term.

Problem-tackling events

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As an organization, you might like to organize an event where people can help each other to solve their problems-at-hand. Participants enter their questions beforehand. When they start the app, they see these questions, sorted by how relevant that person and the question is to them.


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MeetMatch is also ideally suited to support innovation brainstorms. Contact us for more info.

Buyer-seller events

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People are matched if one of them can probably sell something to the other one. We advise to add some “protection” for the potential buyers. By default:

  • our algorithm will only match participants with people selling to them, maximum 50% of the time OR
  • you have the sellers pay more to attend the event than the buyers

In-company teambuilding

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Many managers complain: “There is too little communication between the silo’s within our company”. Speeddating with MeetMatch is an ideal approach for this: people are matched to be from different departments and having complementary talents. Typically, you will give them an assignment with each of their meetings.

Job matching events

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You will never experience a more efficient job matching event! People are matched based on the matching of their profile and that of the job opening.

Or a combination of the above

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All the above are examples of possible event formats, based on different configurations of the matchmaking algorithm. But, in reality, you can “mix and match” several different configurations, based on the unique requirements of your event!


Following partners love to set up your specific event using MeetMatch:

Bruisende Breinen is the brainchild of Martijn Anderson. Martijn is an all-round creative, much appreciated for his facilitation of innovation brainstorms and workshops.

Located in Vlissingen, The Netherlands

The director of Meeting Point Communication, Henk Duis has a vast experience in organizing and facilitating effective business network events to meet, match and connect.

Located in Duiven, The Netherlands

Mail us if you want to be certified as MeetMatch partner to organize events using the unique MeetMatch capabilities.