GDS wins ” Best new product ” in the Brilliance Awards!

GDS Virtual summit

We congratulate one of our biggest customers, GDS Group on winning the International Brilliance award in the categories Brand Brilliance and Best new product Launch of 2020. Also for coming second place in the category Employer of the year.

We are very excited to have contributed to the ‘’Best new product ’’ by developing a custom-built networking event platform to match their customers’ needs.

MeetMatch has helped GDS group to transition into the new way of networking which is VIRTUAL!

We continue working and supporting GDS with the most advanced matchmaking platform to help them further grow and become a leader in the virtual event sector that has made a forced acceleration due to covid. We believe that the accelerations have only just begun and that the key success factor to the GDS Summits is the continuous innovation of this intelligent virtual event solution.

MeetMatch’s key contributions to these GDS Summits:

If you want to read more about the Brilliance award, click here!

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