MeetMatch- THE event app of the future

MeetMatch lets you profit from a fully automated interactive experience of unparalleled networking with the most advanced matching capabilities.

Event App
Event App

So why is networking with MeetMatch 40 times more effective/ efficient than with any other event app?

The simple & short explanation:

Random matching gives you a chance of at most 5% to meet interesting candidates that will actually help you boost your business activities, while the MeetMatch matchmaking algorithm increases your chances to >50%.

MeetMatch determines in real-time who is available to network, resulting in 4 times more effecient meetings.

Simply put: 4 x 10= a factor 40 more efficiency.

MeetMatch’s 5 step Event App Success Model

  1. Our fully automated mailing system will send out the event invites from our event platform. The participants can then access the event platform with their personal access link.

  1. Our fully customisable question form allows our event app to create rich data profiles and match the best suited participants based on the answers. Here we also configure the profile fields for the participants.

  1. To ensure a seamless experience and to ease your mind before using our event app, we can carry out audio and video tests. A fully customisable landing page will show the date and countdown until the start of the event.

  1. Let the matchmaking begin.
    Your participants have the opportunity to meet 1-to-1 or in dedicated interest based peer groups to discuss possible partnerships and projects. To allow your participants the time they need to talk over their needs the meeting duration can either be set to “flexible” or a pre-set time frame defined by you.
    Our matchmaking event app continuously allocates new meetings as meetings end and criteria are adjusted during the event, drastically reducing wait time. When the participant doesn’t have a meeting scheduled they will see a countdown until the start of their next meeting or session.

  1. Your post- event analysis is just as important as your pre-event planning. Our comprehensive post event report allows you to view valuable event stats and provides an event overview to your participants, showing them also who has send their contact information on.

Some additional perks:

  • Fully customisable networking event app based on your needs
  • All types of events supported- live, online and hybrid
  • One-to-one and interest based group meetings supported
  • Breakout sessions with interactive polls available
  • Meeting length can be open for 100% flexibility or pre-defined to fit your schedule

To see how MeetMatch can help you exceed your networking event goals, book a demo with us.