MeetMatch wins Digital Event Award for best networking model!!

We are thrilled to have won this award, confirming our world lead in business matchmaking!

The Digital Event Awards are one of the leading awards in the event landscape, looking at all aspects of digital events. Awards include Best Agency, Best Campaign and Best Venue.

The jury awarded this prize for our technical support of GDS Group, the world’s most advanced event organiser. They mainly based this on 2 insights:

  • The MeetMatch solution provides a much higher ROI than any other solution
  • Feedback from event attendees is very positive

MeetMatch offers a complete, end-to-end solution for online, hybrid and in-person events. It provides the only advanced business matchmaking, a fully-integrated data handling and a flexible meeting scheduling solution.

Efficient and to-the-point

The key to MeetMatch’s success is AI. Participants register through LinkedIn or another channel. The MeetMatch engine scours the internet for all information about their companies. This information is then augmented with several event-specific questions. Based on this, an objective and highly specific company profile is generated.
The next step comprises the actual matchmaking. A powerful algorithm calculates matching scores, and the app sends the participants to meetings. These can be meetings between just two parties, group meetings or interactive round-table meetings.

‘Efficiency is key’, says Geert Van Wonterghem, co-founder and CEO of MeetMatch. ‘C-level professionals don’t expect anything else. In their search for partners, suppliers and customers they simply lack the time to stroll around trade fairs. Our solution takes care of this automatically, in a straightforward manner.
No small talk, only real talk.
Our customers rely on the quality of our matching process – and we deliver. With a success rate of around 80%, the networking efficiency we offer is approximately 10 times higher than any other solution!’

Strong growth

The success of this approach becomes clear from the numbers. GDS showed an annual growth in the last years of 98% per year, a special feat in Covid-times for events. MeetMatch was able to realise an annual growth of around 400% in each of the past years. The team is currently composed of 21 members, each of whom works fully remote. ‘Businesses should be careful to not miss the boat and be sure to make the most of this booming trend’, concludes Geert Van Wonterghem.