Online networking events of the Future- What is Speed Networking?

Business networking events have undergone significant changes over the last years, continuously adapting to a fast paced and ever changing digital landscape,  and especially during the pandemic the nature of online networking events has developed drastically. Discover speed networking now!

Speed Networking videocall

So what is speed networking and how has MeetMatch taken the concept to new levels?

Speed networking refers to a specific and efficient event type where participants can network in a very short time. Participants meet within the framework of a business networking event, exchange their contact details, and possibly benefit from these contacts afterwards when they result in partnerships or projects.

The term speed networking is originally derived from speed dating. The difference lies in the goals of the meeting: In speed networking, the focus is on the exchange of business contacts and the presentation of one’s own portfolio. If the company profiles match, the participants can enter into a business relationship.

Criteria for matching companies and individuals professionally vary depending on the goals of the online networking event type and the company organising the business networking event. 

Online networking events often ask attendees to enter pre-defined questions that build the foundation for matching with other participants and determining their suitability to realise their projects. Most often, these are therefore “sales questions in disguise” and focus rather on quick fixes than building a profitable long- term business relationship. Participants often get sick of sales talks after a while- the quality of meetings is compromised.

How do speed networking events differ from other business networking events?

The special thing about speed networking is the structure of the events. Speed networking events differ largely from regular business networking events and have been proven to be more efficient due to their nature and the idea to utilise a rather short time to discuss only the most relevant elements for cooperation. Usually, the participants only have a few minutes to make contact. 

The fast-paced format makes effective self-presentation necessary: In just a few sentences, participants describe their job profile and unique selling points after they have introduced themselves. The conversations are focused accordingly, placing the emphasis on specific questions and facts.

The different types of speed networking meetings

Speed networking has evolved existentially over the last years and especially in light of recent events requiring new versatile solutions for online networking events. 

There are many different meeting formats for speed networking, but the most common ones are the following:

One-to-one meetings

One-to-one meetings are oftentimes the most common meeting type at business networking events and speed networking events. They enable participants to focus on the elements most crucial to their goals and engage in a straight-forward and efficient manner having their most burning questions answered on the spot. 

Many business networking event set a time limit for one-to-one meetings, others like MeetMatch allow more flexibility and provide the option of open meetings without a given time frame. 

Group Meetings

Group Meetings at business networking events give participants the flexibility to efficiently engage and discuss with a selected peer group matched together according to portfolio, their project criteria, as well as motivation and interests. This meeting type enables participants to network with more people at the same time while still maintaining a clear focus and adhering to their match criteria.

Breakout Sessions

​​ A breakout session is a relatively short session in which a small group of participants from a larger conference or from a larger group discuss specific topics or aspects of the larger theme of that event. 

Breakout Sessions can be pre-organised based on specific industry topics, can be formed spontaneously depending on how parts of the event unfold or after speaker sessions and presentations to discuss the content in more-depth.

How does speed networking with MeetMatch differ from other tools?

MeetMatch has realised that every business networking event is different and comes with different prerequisites, conditions and goals. We have created a customisable speed networking app that integrates into your existing processes and meets your individual requirements while still staying true to the concept of this powerful event type. 

While most advanced business matchmaking tools offer a degree of flexibility they still adhere to traditional and not always efficient matchmaking and meeting allocation procedures. 

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