The first speed networking platform powered by artificial intelligence for live, hybrid and online networking events

Tired of event apps with outdated functions, poor matchmaking criteria and limited customisation options? Looking for an event platform that provides real added value for both your company and your participants? MeetMatch is the future of your networking events.

The MeetMatch algorithm is the only in-depth business matchmaking system in the world based on years of research by industry professionals.

Our AI-based event app powerhouse helps you:

Platform meeting
  • Find the best suited business partners among a group of people
  • Network in groups based on shared interest end needs
  • Build a foundation for participation and eliminate waiting times due to continuous matchmaking
  • Guarantee your participants high-quality meetings based on predefined criteria and rich data profiles
  • Obtain in-depth reports and valuable insights into post- event statistics

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Why should you use MeetMatch’s event app:


Attendees see all participants, sorted by relevance to them, with high-quality info: photo, name, function, company, company activity & size.


Our software knows who is currently attending a meeting and who is available. Once your meeting is finished, you get your next optimal match within 30 seconds. As a result, attendees have 4 times more meetings than with any other advanced event app and 16 times more than with traditional meeting apps.


Attendees can update their data at any time pre- and during the event. Other attendees will see these changes in real time and matchmaking scores will be adjusted in an instant, ensuring full flexibility and  facilitating dynamic exchanges.


Our unparalleled AI based algorithm ensures a success rate of up to 50%. This is by far the most advanced business matchmaking on the market and allows you to multiply your event ROI by a factor 40.


During your networking event you can include real-time poll votes. This allows you to have interactive speaker sessions and instantly allocate members to groups based on the attendants’ votes.

To see how MeetMatch can help you revolutionise your networking events book a Demo with us.