Success Story: Fontys Engineering Meet & Match

A job event of the future!


Fontys university is one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. They offer undergraduate, postgraduate and exchange programmes in a variety of fields and are considered one of the best options for anyone who is interested in technology, entrepreneurship and creativity.

For this project, we worked with Fontys Engineering and Fontys Venlo on a job fair. Using the MeetMatch platform and matchmaking capabilities, we were able to connect Engineering students with their potential future employers or internship companies.

Fontys engineers Meet & Match logo


Company onboarding: When companies register, they can select how many speed networking tables they would like to use (and pay for them). For each company, there is 1 contact person who sets up the company profile and lists additional table coordinators.

Onboarding for students: Student data was imported into MeetMatch and students then received an invitation to set up their profiles. Immediately after, they were presented with a full overview of company profiles. Here they could view company profiles that were matched specifically for them and could further explore them to see if they could be of interest to them.

Event Format: A highly interactive online job fair between the students of Fontys university and companies looking to hire these young minds. Using our scheduling algorithm participants were automatically connected to their 13-speed date meetings. This is what we like to call our zero-click policy. Breaks were also included.

In case certain companies were very popular, we asked those to allocate extra representatives and/or we matched students in group meetings to attend company presentations. Those group presentations are automatically scheduled to take twice as long as the 1-on-1 meetings.

Company representatives can indicate upfront when they are available. Companies can automatically indicate multiple representatives per meeting, without any extra overhead.

Matchmaking and auto-scheduling: Using our auto-planned scheduling format and our AI capabilities, all 1526 meetings were scheduled within 2 minutes. Meetings could still be finetuned if needed. The MeetMatch algorithm used the meeting request selection of the students and then proposed some additional interesting company matches.

Meeting capabilities: Screen share, video share & chat.


graph analytics overview
  • Turn up: 895/960 participants from which 675 students and 230 Company contacts.
  • Fontys students made 7585 meeting requests.
  • Amount of meetings on the event day: 1526
  • Total number of meeting encounters (2 persons meeting each other in a meeting= 1 meeting encounter): 19545!


MeetMatch is the clear leader in this space of job-matching events. We keep innovating to deliver the best ROI and engagement for this type of events.
Some highlights of this event:

  • Events are all about engagement and bringing the right people together. With this event, we generated a record-breaking 19545 encounters!
  • All participants have an extensive profile including CV, demonstration video’s, … Our AI automatically matches based on that. Still, participants can freely select who they meet.
  • By having an up-front view on participation, you can still optimise the set-up by adding company representatives, group sessions, … just before the event, all automatically!