Success story: GDS Virtual Summits

Virtual B2B network events with incredible ROI!


GDS is one of the world’s leading providers of Virtual Executive Events. MeetMatch supports them for most of their events, including the GDS Summits. MeetMatch supported over 60 Summits to date and counting.

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Who is GDS?

GDS is a leading organiser of high-level B2B events, supported with extensive research and technology. They received the award for Best Digital Event Production Company at the 2021 Digital Event Awards.

As with all event organisers, Covid-19 brought about quite a challenge. However, GDS succeeded in turning this into an advantage, going digital very fast, which resulted in a growth of 30% in revenues in year 1 post-Covid. This must have been one of the only players in the event space doing so… In short, GDS succeeds in leveraging innovation to come to exquisite business results.

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The Summits

One of the key building blocks to this success were the GDS Summits. These Summits bring together top-level purchaser and provider communities to find solutions to real-world business challenges. The events are maticulously prepared to provide optimum assistance and intelligence to the participants, to provide optimal ROI to all involved.

GDS holds about 60 Summits per year in the following domains:

  • Marketing
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Supply Chain
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Digital
  • Innovation
  • Data

  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Experience
  • Security
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These Summits won the International Brilliance award for Best New Product of 2020, over any category! Indeed, in a time where everybody is still questioning virtual event networking, these events have set the new standard for top-class virtual networking events with ROI- and NPS-levels way higher than their in-person equivalents!

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How does it work?

Event preparation

Unparalleled buyer data profiles.  MeetMatch provides the capability to build very rich profiles for every participant, each field depending on event, event role and many more parameters. E.g. buyers enter the projects they work on, the budgets, the related challenges, etc.

buyer data example
Ritch data profile example

Exquisite analytics capabilities. Based on these rich profiles, the MeetMatch AI does a full analysis and proposes meetings. These meeting recommendations are then reviewed by GDS staff and proposed to the participants.
Participants can further indicate their wishes.

End-to-end tracking & Optimisation. During the whole event cycle, many critical success factors are tracked and the process is constantly finetuned to come to an optimal ROI for all people involved.
This information is fed back to the AI, as such ever strengthening it’s currently 14-year experience in advanced business matchmaking.

During the event

Highly interactive & immersive experience. Participants can interact in many ways and the event experience can be immediately adapted in response. This results in very high engagement levels.

Automatic meeting generation. MeetMatch automatically schedules all the meetings, taking into account all recommendations, wishes and e.g. how many meetings the sellers purchased. This effectively removes all the overhead for all participants.

Calendar synch. The latest status of the meetings is constantly synched with the personal calendar of the participants, if they so desire. In this way, this becomes fully integrated with their day-to-day work flow.

Real-time updates. During the event, many success parameters are constantly followed up and the complete event experience can be updated in real-time if necessary, from schedule over profile views to menu items and views.

After the event

Post-event portal. After the event, participants get a detailed and personalized event rapport that includes the recordings, list of attendees, meetings they had and results and much more.

Follow-up meetings. Throughout the event, full feedback is gathered. Based on this, extra follow-up meetings are set up if applicable.


MeetMatch has really helped us accelerate the value that we provide all our attendees in this digital first world. Data has never meant more to meaningful and powerful connections, and this is the platform that has allowed us to excel in this area. Time ROI for our attendees is the end result, and they couldn’t be happier.

Harlan Davis
VP Product & Innovation at GDS
Ryan Waymire
Senior VP at FabFitFun

If you haven’t been to a GDS Digital Summit, you will be incredibly impressed. It’s far more engaging than most digital event experiences.

This event streamlined our sales cycle by 50%. If you look at the one-to-one meetings, executives came with real challenges, we had 100% conversion to next steps and follow up.

Managing Director at Dupont


  • These Summits won the international Brilliance award for best new product of 2020 and the Stevie awards for Best Virtual Event Technology.
  • Since the start of Covid, GDS has grown 70% YoY based on the success of these Summits, to a revenue of 400+ M€ per year for these Summits.
  • Through carefull preparation, the system manages to reach a matchmaking success rate of over 80%. In other words, more than 4 out of 5 planned meetings result in a follow-up meeting!
  • Many attendees indicate that these Summits are the most effective events they ever participated in. See e.g. the testimonial above.


MeetMatch has helped GDS to transition into the new way of networking which is VIRTUAL!

We continue working and supporting GDS with the most advanced matchmaking platform to help them further grow as a leader in the virtual event sector. We believe that the accelerations have only just begun and that the key success factor to the GDS Summits is continuous innovation of our intelligent virtual event solution.

MeetMatch’s key contributions to these GDS Summits:

  • End-to-end integrated solution
  • Outstanding data handling
  • Most advanced business matchmaking AI
  • Real-time event platform with continuous interactivity points
  • Trackable data handling and measurable outcomes
  • Ultra-fast support