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Your questions about our matchmaking software answered

How does MeetMatch create the most memorable experiences?

MeetMatch’s goal is to revolutionise the event industry and provide you with the most seamless and profitable experience for your online events, live events and hybrid events. Our main focus lies on interactivity, engagement and increasing your ROI.

So how does our technology support you in this?

MeetMatch was built from the ground up to deliver these experiences packed into a powerful end-to-end solution built on a well thought through organisational process.

Table 2 meeting
  1. The analysis- advanced AI technologies to support the needs of your live events, hybrid events and virtual events

Participants can register for your event using their Linkedin profile or entering their details manually. Our AI then scans all information on their companies which are openly available on the internet, such as the website, Wikipedia page, patent database and the like. Based on the information gathered, we evaluate what the core businesses of each company is and, if available, further check personal profiles of participants to obtain further information.

In the next step, our AI software calculates a matching score between 2 participants to determine how suitable they are. This matching score can be targeting different goals:

  • Innovative cooperation: This is where it all started. MeetMatch Founder Geert Van Wonterghem was lead professor in Innovation at Antwerp Management School. As such, his specialty domain was collaborative innovation. The algorithm that MeetMatch uses is based on 12 years of study of this domain and discussion with leading academic authorities.
  • Buyer-Seller: A classic approach determining the suitability of participants to enter into prosperous business relationships, where one participant acts as the supplier and one acts as the buyer.
  • Job matching: Often used at job fairs. Our algorithm determines how certain profiles can be matched according to specific job or task based needs.
  1. The evaluation- Where can inputs for matchmaking come from?

Simply put- either by using our automatic matchmaking algorithm as outlined above or by making use of a set of smart questions.

Data is the new gold and we spend a lot of time determining the right questions to best match profiles, as well as motivating participants to submit accurate data.

All this is done using a very powerful data handling mechanism allowing us to utilise data fields like checkboxes, free text and rankings for building the profile and the matching scores.

The system further allows for an array of additional configurations, e.g. guaranteeing that company representatives have an equal amount of group meetings to best engage all participants.

  1. How do we use the data gathered in the pre-stages?

We start by analysing the data input supplied. We then allow the customer to set custom rules, such as not allowing people with certain profiles to meet. Even in auto-planned mode, the customer can still finetune meeting and matchmaking criteria.

  1. What happens end-to-end?

We continuously gather feedback from the user in a non-intrusive way and feed this information back to the algorithm, helping the algorithm to improve its matchmaking.

This precise and highly adaptive matchmaking process results in more than 50% of proposed meeting partners establishing long term business relationships. This can even be increased to 85% with additional input from participants.

  1. What are the results?

Our key goals are to make your live event, online event or hybrid event as smooth and profitable as possible. In order to do so, our aim is to:

  • create serendipity
  • optimise synergy
  • foster valuable exchanges
  • solve challenges and eliminate absticles
  • match open positions with job candidates or match projects according to their success factor
  1. What are some additional features?

MeetMatch provides many additional features and allows customers to customise their experience as much as possible. To see what customisation options MeetMatch has in store for you, click here.

To book a personal demo with us and discuss your specific criteria, simply click on the link below.