What is an agenda invite

An agenda invite can be sent to all participants who didn’t authorize their agenda. This can be done from a button, named: Send new meeting invites, on the other mails page. This will send a mail for each meeting of a participant. In the mail, there is an option to accept or decline the invite.… Continue reading What is an agenda invite

When are agenda meetings updated

When the Send all updates button is pressed, MeetMatch will compare the planned meetings with the meetings in the agenda of the participants. The agenda will be synced to the meetings planned in MeetMatch.

What is agenda authorization

For the agenda sync we use Cronofy, this product enables us to update agendas from iCloud, Google, Office 365, Exchange and Outlook. Participants can be asked to authorize their agenda by sending them a mail with the authorization link. If they give authorization with their preferred agenda tool, MeetMatch can sync the planned meetings in… Continue reading What is agenda authorization