Revolutionise your live events, hybrid events and online events with our AI based technology

Tired of networking apps that promise advanced matchmaking but are limited in their networking features?

Looking for a combination of AI-powered matchmaking and real-time speed networking to provide your participants with an unparalleled speed networking experience?

Need a flexible event app that you can use for your live events, online events and hybrid events?

MeetMatch- the world’s smartest speed networking app- has it all!

Our fully customisable, fully flexible and user-friendly event app takes your networking events to the next level. MeetMatch uses only the most advanced AI technologies to provide your participants with an unparalleled networking experience- making you stand out from your competition.

Check out our table below to see what sets MeetMatch apart from our competition:

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FeatureTraditional event appsMeetMatch
TransparencyAttendees get a lengthy participant list, with limited info. It’s just a nightmare to go through these!Attendees get an overview of all participants, sorted by match relevance
to them, with high-quality info: photo, name, function, company, company activity & size.
User friendlinessAttendees have to fill in many things upfront.
Many just don’t, meaning they don’t participate in the networking.
No efforts required! 

Our software matches
participants automatically, based on big data, and much better than could ever be done manually.

And because no typing is required and attendees can still join, even when the speed networking is already
In progress oftentimes leading to 100% participation.
Focused on qualityEvents often ask attendees to enter network questions. Most often, these are “sales questions in disguise”. After a while, people get
tired of all the sales talks.
MeetMatch supports to ask network questions.
But, we believe more in bringing people together according to their rich data profiles to create long term win-win relationships.
100% participationPeople are often allocated in meetings at
certain times/places. But events often have
30% no-shows, making pre-scheduled meetings
quasi-useless. Also, sometimes, people are in an interesting conversation and refuse to go to their next appointment, disrupting the preset meeting schedule.
Our software knows who is attending and available.
Participants meet as long as they want. Once their meeting is finished, they get allocated their next optimal match within
30 seconds. 

As a result, attendees
have 4 times more meetings than with any other advanced meeting app and 16 times more than with traditional meeting apps.
FlexibilityOther networking solutions limit to one
possibility: You meet with who you indicated.
With MeetMatch, you can configure several meeting formats. You can vary your meeting types and provide an array of inspiring sessions!