Because our Customer is king- fully customisable Virtual Conference Platform

Customisation future

Tired of the same structure of virtual events?

Have a complex business that requires a tailor-made solution?

Want to profit from advanced technologies and unparalleled features?

MeetMatch fully adapts to you and your needs. You bring the ideas- we make them come to life!

MeetMatch lets you customise all elements of your virtual events, including:

  • The design: To suit your brand look and feel and raise brand awareness (banners, visuals, logos, color scheme)
  • The event UI modes: Find the interface that best represents your values and select between a casual, business and immersive UI.
  • The event schedule and agenda. We can setup different meeting formats to best support your needs, including conferences, livestreams and group meetings.
  • The data profiles. As you know your customers best and we want to help you achieve the goals of your event, you can create a question form based on which we evaluate the profiles of the participants and carry out the matching.
  • The event flow: We have a three step onboarding process that we can link together or separate into different steps.
  • The evaluation form: We let you gather the data that you need to evaluate the success of your event.
  • The messages: We provide you with an efficient mailing system with fully customisable emails.

MeetMatch also offers fully customised event portals, including business mode and immersive mode options.

To see how MeetMatch can help you achieve your Virtual Event goals, book a demo with us.