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Building communities from events

You’re looking to harness the power of networking year-round, beyond events. To connect people, foster community growth and better organise engagement. MeetMatch supports you in building rich and qualitative profiles through events and fairs, and can now also seamlessly connect your community all the year through.

Open Business Community​
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Open Business Community is an easy-to-use digital platform

A space where your participants can connect with each other and gather valuable insights in-between events. Streamlining how your participants share content and information, foster new connections and encourage engagement, it makes easy work of community management.

Meaningful matches are made by searching on projects, challenges, jobs, internships and more. While interactive maps show where the opportunities are located.

And it goes without saying that adding events to the community is effortless.

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How can MeetMatch work for your community?

Fontys University, a long-term client of ours, has been able to manage a whole eco-system of 300 companies, students and teachers using our Open Business Community solution.

One of the largest universities of Applied Science in the Netherlands, they have fostered and grown a community of students, tutors and companies offering graduate training programs through MeetMatch’s cutting-edge AI-based matchmaking.

To see how our Open Business Community works and how it could work for you and your community, book a demo with our team.

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