The future is unparalleled networking

Lead generation honed and refined to provide peerless matching capability, MeetMatch’s event networking app is 40 times more efficient than any other event app.

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Random matching

At most a 5% chance of meeting people who can help boost your business activity.

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Increases your chances to more than 50%, while by determining in realtime who is available to network, results in 4 times more efficient meetings.

50% ÷ 5%: a factor of 10.
So: 4 x 10 = 40 times more efficient.

Five steps to optimum matchmaking

Our fully automated mailing system sends out an event invitation. Participants can then access the event platform using their own personal access link.

Based on answers to a fully customisable question form, we create rich data profiles to match the best-suited participants with each other.

So that you know you’re in good hands, you can do an audio or video test prior to using the app. A unique landing page shows a countdown to the event.

Next comes the event itself. You can meet one-on-one or in dedicated peer groups based on interest and activity. Meeting duration can be pre-set, or you can leave it open-ended to give yourself plenty of time to discuss your ideas. When one meeting finishes, by continuously allocating meeting slots and adjusting the criteria, MeetMatch's event networking app ensures there’s no wasteful dead time between meetings. If you don’t have a meeting scheduled straight after, a countdown shows you when your next one starts.

Because post-event analysis is just as important as pre-event planning, after the event we provide you with a comprehensive report. Our event networking app produces a detailed overview, this lets you view valuable statistics such as who has interacted with who, who has provided their contact information, and so on.

Redefine your events through MeetMatch’s world-class features

Powered by AI

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  • Intelligent, relevant match recommendations
  • Intelligent spam filter
  • Intelligent chatbot
  • Facial recognition for user-friendly registration
  • More services for up to 85% matchmaking success
  • Find more details here
event networking powered by AI
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  • Matched speed networking with flexible meeting lengths
  • Allows you to join meetings while they’re in progress
  • Realtime matched user groups on shared topics of interest
  • Lead scanning
  • Varied meeting formats including ‘Meet the Expert’
    and ‘Meet the Partner’
  • Realtime roundtable discussions
  • Extensive matchmaking configuration
  • Fully integrated video chat


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  • Participant polls with results processed in real-time
  • Helps you reach 95% take-up for your event
  • Live chat
  • Fully-fledged discussion forum
  • Q&A and open questions
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Informative event networking solution


  • Interactive floorplans
  • Personalised multi-level event schedules
  • List of sponsors and partners
  • Evaluation forms
  • Multi-event support
  • Electronic payment and automatic invoicing
  • Analytics and reporting

Easy to use

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  • User-friendly voting: no need to enter a code upfront
  • Tweet the screen you’re viewing at any time
  • Realtime updates
  • Multi-language support
  • Can be used on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop
Easy to use Informative event networking solution
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On location

  • Live animations show what’s happening at the event
  • Realtime leaderboards to gamify your event
  • The latest, context-aware information can be viewed on unlimited presentation screens

Add-ons for even more efficiency

Fully customisable to suit the way you work

All types of events supported - live, online and hybrid

Lets you organise breakout sessions with interactive polls

You set the meeting length: open-ended for 100% flexibility, or predetermined to suit your schedule

Find out how MeetMatch can take your event networking to the next level

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