Not networking, but speed networking

Business networking events have undergone significant changes over the last few years, continually adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. This means that their very nature has changed. Now, with time precious, productivity all-important and objectives decisive, speed matters more than ever.

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The different types of speed networking meetings

There are many different formats for speed networking meetings, but the most common are:

One-to-One meetings

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One-to-One meetings are the most popular at speed networking events. They let two people focus on what’s crucial to their goals, engage in a straightforward manner, and have their burning questions answered on the spot. Many business networking events set a time limit for one-to-one meetings. MeetMatch’s speed networking app however provides more flexibility, with the option of meetings without a given cut-off point.

Speed networking one on one meetings
Group meetings - Speed networking

Group Meetings

Group Meetings allow a number of participants to get together with a selected peer group matched by portfolio, project criteria, motivation and/or interests. They let individuals network with more than one person at the same time, all the while maintaining a clear focus and adhering to the specific match criteria.

Breakout Sessions

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Breakout sessions are relatively short meetings where a small group of participants from a larger conference or group discuss specific topics related to the overall theme of the event. They can be planned in advance or can be formed spontaneously, depending on how the main event unfolds.

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Speed networking with MeetMatch
– customisable for even more power

MeetMatch embraces speed networking, then adds to it even further. Because every business networking event is different and comes with its own prerequisites, conditions and goals, our speed networking app is customisable. Staying true to the concept of speed networking – powerful, immediate, highly targeted – MeetMatch simultaneously dovetails with your existing processes to meet your individual requirements.

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