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Optimising your networking, maximising your efficiency

Traditional apps for business networking are limited in how they function and the features they offer. Working in a largely random way, at best they give you a 5% chance of achieving worthwhile, interesting encounters, and in today’s business world, that means you’re underperforming.

MeetMatch on the other hand, powered by the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence, ensures a success rate of more than 50%, making it the best networking app on the market. It does this by utilising both higher quality information, and more of it. Based on refined matchmaking criteria and rich data profiles, MeetMatch allows the best-suited participants at an event to meet up and do what they do best: spark ideas, share input, discuss projects and ultimately grow their businesses.

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The most advanced app for business networking in the world, MeetMatch lets you:

Find the most suitable, relevant business partners at an event

Conduct high-quality meetings thanks to in-depth, accurately-defined criteria and rich data profiles

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Network in groups based on shared interests and needs

Cut out waiting around to meet potential partners, by scheduling meetings according to who’s available in realtime

Obtain in-depth reports and valuable insights into post-event statistics

MeetMatch is a powerhouse of an app that is changing the face of business networking

Fast, efficient, easy to use and enhancing your event ROI by a factor of 40, it will transform your live, online or hybrid events and elevate your organisation to a whole new level.


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Event participants are paired up in an accurate, mutually relevant way, with information fully customisable depending on the pairings required. Company videos and other documents can also form part of the data profiles.

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MeetMatch knows who’s attending a networking event and who’s available. When one meeting finishes, you’re informed of your next one within 30 seconds. With no wasted time, you get to have 4 times more meetings than when using a competitor app. All in all, it’s what we call zero-click policy.


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You can update your data at any time. People attending a networking event can see these changes instantly and matchmaking suitability is adjusted accordingly, for maximum flexibility.

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Our unparalleled AI-based algorithm ensures a meeting success rate of more than 50%, making MeetMatch by far the most advanced business networking platform on the market.


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During a business networking event you can vote to have an interactive session with a speaker you find interesting, getting together with others to discuss the relevant topic in more depth.

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