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Experience the Power of Speednetworking: DHL Innovation Day with MeetMatch

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DHL hosts a wide range of first-class events and webinars for industry leaders, strategists, innovators, and visionaries, around the world and throughout the year.
 Each event is designed to inspire and motivate, providing a powerful platform where customers, partners, academics, and DHL experts can experience, connect, and exchange on hot topics and key trends. Together, we are advancing logistics capabilities on a global scale.

With our advanced scheduling format, Speednetworking, we revolutionized the DHL Innovation Day event. Participants were matched in real time, round by round, based on compatibility and preferences, ensuring efficient connections and eliminating the challenge of no-shows.

 Through the MeetMatch app, attendees could conveniently view their upcoming meetings and easily locate their designated speed date tables. See Speednetworking in action in these two videos and witness the transformative power of efficient networking. Watch the videos below to experience how MeetMatch is revolutionizing the way professionals connect.

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