Success Story: Fontys University Career day

Fontys Meet & Match

For the fifth time, MeetMatch partnered with Fontys University of Applied Sciences for their Career Day event Meet & Match, which featured a company fair and 1-on-1 speed dating sessions between 200 companies and 1700 students. 

This year and for the first time, the event started in the new Fontys Meet & Match community where Fontys students and companies from previous editions of Fontys Career Day had been added.

MeetMatch has a flexible way to connect participants through matchmaking topics. We call these openers. For this community, MeetMatch used openers to connect Fontys students with internships.

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Starting from the community

Data and profiles are continuously gathered in the community: a year-round networking solution. In the community, people indicated their interest to participate to the Career Day. This approach allows to gather much richer profiles, which in turn strongly improve the matchmaking.

From the other side, the Fontys Career Day was an accelerator of the growth of the year-round community.

Fontys Career Day


Browse and network

During the Company Fair, students were able to browse and network with the 200 companies in attendance. The speed dating sessions were split into morning and afternoon sessions and facilitated by our MeetMatch app. This allowed students to have one-on-one conversations with company representatives, giving them a chance to connect on a deeper level. In total, there were 1217 1-on-1 meetings between students and companies.
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Matchmaking and auto scheduling

Dynamic event sizing

In a unique way, the event was dynamically sized, based on attendee input.
Before the event, students indicate which companies they like to meet. Companies who get a lot of interest are asked to send extra representatives and get extra speeddate tables. This way, we could ensure that all speeddate tables were fully occupied with meetings with interested students.

Data-based mass engagement

MeetMatch provides extensive capabilities for customised, very rich profiles. The organizer leverages these profiles to regularly send personalized emails, each to a very targeted group of attendees.
This allows to trigger engagement in very new ways.

Student onboarding


The Fontys Career Day 2023 was a great success for everyone involved. MeetMatch’s data-first approach and focus on meaningful connections allowed for the creation of over 21000 connections during the company fair and 1217 one-on-one meetings made during the speed dating sessions. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Fontys Hogescholen and providing excellent career opportunities for students in the years to come.

To see a description of last years’ event, click here.

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