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With 11000 Employees, Informa is the biggest event organiser in the world. Using MeetMatch’s smart match app, we have already produced many projects for Informa. Informa Connect is a live event digital content specialist agency that focuses on connecting its clients to professional thought leaders that help them know more, do more and be more. They do this across multiple sectors and businesses.
Smart match app Informa


Smart match app connects actors

In this case, we provided a brand-new solution for their request to connect actors in the bioprocessing industry. Using our smart match app, we designed this new event solution to be engaging, fast paced, and to have a lasting impact.


Tick Talk format*

One hour of highly interactive networking with advanced matching capabilities, intermingled with short product presentations of sponsors. This event format uses our most advanced matchmaking solution (speed networking) and our newest UI mode (Immersive mode).

Smart match app Tick-Talk format
Matchmaking and auto scheduling

Tick Talk USPs

• Get swept up in a fully automated interactive experience
• Highly efficient combination of networking and inspiring content
• The only advanced business matchmaking
• Rich data profiles to further increase event ROI

Smart match app immersive mode

A UI mode within the smart match app where we streamlined the event experience into a broadcast experience where participants are automatically directed to their next meeting or slice of content.

Smart match app Immersive mode
Matchmaking visual

Speed networking

Meetings for participants were scheduled in real time by the matching algorithm based on the profile fields and preferences. Because scheduling on the smart match app is done in real time, participants do not see who they are going to meet prior to the meeting. (An exciting element in addition to the monthly meetings.)

Note: This is our most automated system. There is almost no overhead work. It also eliminates the issue of no-shows completely.

Pre-recorded Video content

A series of sponsor videos where the sponsors showcased their latest product and innovative ideas with the opportunity to generate leads and follow up at the request of the participants themselves allowing for true lead generation during the event.

Pre-recorded video content visual
Smart match app Lead Generation

Smart match app lead Generation

By adding a ‘’request to follow up’’ button to the sponsor videos within the smart match app, we could generate true leads for the sponsors. Participants could also send their virtual business card to other participants by clicking on a button during the meeting.

After the event, participants received an overview of the participants they have met during the event and could extract the virtual business cards they had gathered during the event.

Smart match meeting capabilities

Screen share, video share, chat and exchanging virtual business cards.

Smart match app meeting capabilities


meetings on the event day

Virtual business cards shared

3-minute one-to-one meetings
Connected an exclusive audience of biotech and pharma buyers


The experiment worked!

In a very fast turn-around, MeetMatch combined a new, immersive UI with our speed networking solution to offer a new, unique way of fast paced networking that drives engagement and real interactions between participants.

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