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Flemish business matchmaking solution offers alternative to traditional, expensive and inefficient marketing.

MeetMatch, the unique Belgian event app and business matchmaking solution, has won the British Digital Event Award for the world’s best in-event networking model. The Flemish scale-up received the prestigious award for the technical support that it offers GDS Group, the world’s leading event organiser, through its platform. This award is yet another feather in the cap of MeetMatch. The company enjoys world fame in its industry and demonstrates, through its growth and technology for unprecedented networking efficiency, how business matchmaking is becoming the marketing standard of the future.

Efficient and to-the-point

The key to MeetMatch’s success is AI. The MeetMatch engine scours the internet for all information about the companies participating in the events. Based on this, an objective and highly specific company profile is generated. The next step comprises the actual matchmaking. Participants then register through LinkedIn or another channel and answer a number of event-specific questions. A powerful algorithm is subsequently deployed to calculate matching scores, and the app sends the participants to meetings. These can be meeting between just two parties, group meetings or interactive round-table meetings.

‘Efficiency is key’, says Geert Van Wonterghem, co-founder and CEO of MeetMatch. ‘C-level professionals don’t expect anything else. In their search for partners, suppliers and customers they simply lack the time to stroll around trade fairs. Our solution takes care of this automatically, in a straightforward manner. No small talk. Our customers rely on the quality of our matching process – and we deliver this quality. With a success rate of around 80%, the networking efficiency we offer is approximately 40 times higher compared with the traditional trade fair circuit.’

Digital Event Awards

With the Digital Event Award for the best in-event networking model in the world, MeetMatch underscores the potential of its technology. The British Digital Event Awards shine a spotlight on developments that have supported the rise of digital events in the past year. MeetMatch won the award for the technical support it offers GDS Group, which organises buyer-seller events for various industries such as HR, retail and marketing.

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MeetMatch enhanced the efficiency of matchmaking at GDS’s buyer-seller events, generating annual growth to the tune of 30% for GDS since the outbreak of the coronavirus. This is unprecedented given that this was one of the industries that was hit hardest by the pandemic.
Based on in-depth research into the participating event organisers and feedback from participants in these events, winners were selected in various categories. The jury was impressed with the interactivity that MeetMatch and GDS Group can offer their target audience through the platform, despite the digital fatigue that has overwhelmed so many people during the pandemic. The jury’s choice also took the high participant scores awarded to the platform into account in its decision.

Strong growth

All portents are therefore favourable for the rise of business matchmaking. The growth of MeetMatch also demonstrates that the concept will set a new standard in the marketing of the future. The scale-up was able to realise an annual growth of around 400% in each of the past years. The team is currently composed of 21 members, each of whom works fully remotely. ‘Efficiency is also deeply ingrained within the company. This also makes it easier to take steps towards international expansion. With projects and customers in Belgium, the UK, the USA, South America and Africa, we can safely say that our technology and business matchmaking are in high demand all over the world. Businesses should be careful to not miss the boat and be sure to make the most this booming trend’, concludes Geert Van Wonterghem.

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