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Can I avoid that I have to re-enter the URL

[This topic is only relevant if you use MeetMatch standalone, without incorporation in an event app.] Yes! When you start the app, click ‘More’ and then ‘Add to homescreen’. It will guide you to add an icon on your homescreen so you can always easily access the MeetMatch app.

What information does the algorithm look at?

The algorithm takes into account a lot of information. It e.g. checks the companies you work for. Of these companies, it checks all available open data: website, patent database and social media. It also looks at your job title, job description, and much more.

Can I start the app on mobile in another way?

Yes, you can start the app on your mobile in an easy way, using a QR-code reader.  You can use any QR-code reader, but many of them continuously show advertisements. Hence, we recommend you to use I-nigma (in the Appstore/ Play store). You can find your QR-code here.

How does the algorithm work?

The MeetMatch algorithm can be configured to match for 4 different goals: innovation partnering, buyer-seller matching, experience exchange and job matching. Let’s first look at where it all started, matching for innovation partnering. The algorithm is based on life-long experience from the founder of MeetMatch, Geert, in innovation management. When he checked about 5 years ago,… Continue reading How does the algorithm work?