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Geert Van Wonterghem, founder & CEO of MeetMatch and previously professor in collaborative innovation, spent years on defining the best algorithms to foster business networking.
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Ultra-smooth registration leads to 95% of participants joining networking. We also provide you proper communication guidelines to accomplish this.

meetings per hour

Full-time networking with zero wait times. MeetMatch meetings last 7 minutes on average, bringing each participant over 7 meetings per hour.

result in long-term
business relationships

Our intelligent algorithm creates matches meant to last. Participants indicate more than 50% of matches resulting in long-term business relationships.

of those result in a real project within 4 months

When asked about their finding after 4 months, participants indicate that 10% of the long-term business relationships have materialized into real, meaningful projects.
Preconditions: Minimum of 60 participants within the business networking event format using appropriate communication guidelines. Your networking session is less than 45 minutes.
Similar results through longer sessions are achievable if more participants are present.

Redefine your event & embrace the future
through MeetMatch's world-class features

AI-powered tools

  • Intelligent match recommendations based on a few answered questions
  • Give participants the inspiration to innovate and reshape the future
  • Intelligent spam filter
  • Intelligent chatbot
  • Facial recognition for the most user-friendly registration experience
  • More services to reach 85% matchmaking success rate


  • Matched speednetworking, with flexible meeting length.
  • Attendees can join speed networking sessions in progress
  • Real-time matched user groups on shared topics of interest!
  • Lead scanning
  • Planned meetings and various meeting formats including 'Meet The Expert' and 'Meet The Partner'
  • Real-time roundtable discussions
  • Extensive matchmaking configuration
  • Fully-integrated videochat


  • Participant polls with results processed into matchmaking algorithm in real-time
  • We help you to reach 95% adoption in the context of your event
  • Live Chat
  • Full-fledged discussion forum
  • Q&A and open questions


  • Interactive floorplans
  • Personalised multi-level event schedule
  • List of sponsors & partners
  • Evaluation forms
  • Multi-event support
  • Can be used as community app for your organization
  • Electronic payment and automatic invoicing
  • Analytics & reporting

Easy to use

  • The most user-friendly voting: no need to enter a code upfront
  • Tweet the screen: At any given moment, attendees can tweet the projected screen with the click of a button
  • Real-time information updates to all attendees.
  • Multi-language support
  • The app can be used on computer, tablet or mobile

On location

  • Live animations of what is happening
  • Real-time leaderboards to gamify your event
  • Support for unlimited number of presentation screens showing the latest, context-aware information
  • Helpdesk

What do customers say?

Kris Thys
Managing Director

TMAB Business Events

“MeetMatch means a revolution for events!”
Talisa Martin
Marketing Manager

Made In/ Mediahuis

“The participants of Made in Live loved the MeetMatch speed networking and they had many really usefull contacts. All of this was even possible without much preparation. Incredible!”
Fred Boogaard
Managing Director

De Glaswasspecialist

“I have used many networking solutions. Many are just not worthwhile. MeetMatch is the perfect networking solution!”
Onno Boks

BitterBallenBorrel Den Haag

“MeetMatch is simply brilliant!”

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