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Our unique Artificial Intelligence brings you together with the right people. Still, if you want, you are in full control.

MeetMatch Network


A lot of the functionality works automatically, so you have to type very little…

MeetMatch Automatic processing


The system follows who is available and auto-plans the meetings. So, no problems with people not showing up.

MeetMatch Automatic scheduling

How did we do this?

Unique in the world: The algorithm brings the right people together!

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MeetMatch has the most thorough business matchmaking algorithm in the world. The algorithm goes in great depth to find out whether two people match. The patented artificial intelligence analyses the personal profile and the companies they work for. For each company, it analyses the available open data, like website, patent databases and social media, to understand very well what that company is working on and where it wants to evolve to. Many characteristics are evaluated. E.g. most other tools check for similarity between people. But, when you are very similar, you are probably a competitor, so not interesting to talk to. MeetMatch matches people a.o. for optimum complementarity. Matching people for optimum complementarity provides the highest chance for building win-win relationships. The results are amazing! If you want to understand this yourself, mail us, indicate a Benelux company of your choice, and we will give you the 7 optimal partners for that company. You’ll understand how this can boost regional business!  

High-quality Participant list

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We asked many people what information they would like to have, to decide if they are interested to meet a person. Hence, we provide picture, name, function, company, company activity and company size. The participants are sorted according to matching score. These matching scores are typically more accurate than you could ever reach “by hand” because the system has a lot more information. Still, participants can select anytime who they want to meet by clicking the star next to that person. All in all, participants have optimal control over who they meet!  

Unique in the world: Participants are matched in real-time!

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If you have used other networking tools, you know how participants get frustrated because their planned meeting partner does not show up, they have to wait until he arrives, or similar. The patented MeetMatch planning system always tracks who is available to go in a meeting. Once your meeting is finished, you indicate this and you get your next optimal partner within 30s. So, no more waiting and no more worries when your schedule is delayed, participants don’t show up, … This simply makes a network event with MeetMatch much more fun.  

Don't just take our word for it

“As president of a business association, I know that networking is key. I have been following up the tools that came on the market for quite some time. Finally, after all this time, MeetMatch brings us networking that works! Hence, we want to use it at all our events.”

Pancras Pouw, President of beUnited, the largest business association of the Netherlands.

What exactly makes MeetMatch different?

Networking has never been this easy

Registering goes very fast. Participants can then start the app immediately and further enhance their profile if they want.

In the app, participants can select who they ‘d like to meet. Or they let the tool select the optimal partners for them.

The unique MeetMatch algorithm brings people together, fully automatic. Participants never have to wait anymore!

what do we offer?

  • Automatic analysis of user profiles and possibility for the user to adapt/ enter extra questions
  • Optimal matchmaking with 50% success rate to start
  • Extra services to go to a business matchmaking success rate of 85%
  • User-friendly mobile web app with full real-time interaction and possibility to search, connect & follow-up
  • No more business cards needed. Just one click to exchange your virtual business card
  • Complete list of event app features, including chat, sponsor list, voting, interactive floor plan, …
  • Community solution to opitmally connect your members with interactive formats
  • All is served from the cloud in geographical redundancy. When one server fails, another server will automatically take over
  • In-depth reporting, analytics & possibility to do advanced search through the participants
  • Optional: We organize the complete session or event for you, together with one of our partners

guaranteed results!

Preconditions: You have at least 60 participants | You select the business networking event format & appropriate communication guidelines| Your networking session is less than 45 min. Same results with longer sessions is possible with more participants.



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Because it takes only 10 seconds to register, over 90% of the participants will join the networking. We also provide you with the good communication guidelines to accomplish this.


meetings per hour

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If they want, participants can meet full-time and never have to wait. On average, meetings at events using MeetMatch last 7 minutes, bringing each participant over 7 meetings per hour.


result in long-term business relationships

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Thanks to our very advanced matching algorithm, meeting partners are optimally selected. As a result, participants indicate that over 50% of people met result in long-term business relationships.


of those result in a real project within 4 months

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After some events, we ask the status to participants after 4 months. The result is that 10% of the long-term business relationships have crystallized in a real, meaningfull project.


MeetMatch Onno Boks

“MeetMatch is simply brilliant!”

Onno Boks ,
Host BitterBallenBorrel Den Haag
MeetMatch Eddy Teerlynck

“Using MeetMatch, I met a very interesting new partner and we immediately engaged in a business project. MeetMatch is just an ideal way to meet new contacts.”

Eddy Teerlynck,
CEO of VIKA Kitchen and bathrooms
MeetMatch Fred Boogaerd

“I have used many networking solutions. Many are just not worthwhile. MeetMatch is the perfect networking solution!”

Fred Boogaard,
Managing director of De glaswasspecialist.
MeetMatch Thomas Cols

“MeetMatch makes it really easy to augment networking at your events”

Thomas Cols,
President Young Voka Antwerpen

Used by leading event organizers